Paymeter makes your life easy

We believe life should be simple to pay, sell, send your money or even park your car.

That's why Paymeter is designed to simplify your everyday life needs.

Whether you’re shopping, sending money to your friends, getting paid for sales, or even selling your parking spots, we’re here to make it as easy and secure as possible.

There are endless ways to use Paymeter

Shop in person or buy online

Use Paymeter at your online shop and your customers could skip entering your financial info when they make a purchase. Paymeter helps you to shop easily and securely you can pay with QR codes.

Send money to your friends easily and securely

Across the table or wherever you want, we make it easy and simple to send money to anyone. Paymeter makes it easy to find and know who you’re sending money to.

Receive and collect money

It’s easy to send money securely with Paymeter. It's secure for anyone using Paymeter to share money with friends or collect money to share expenses.

Improve the ways of paying by your customers

Even if you are selling in a marketplace, on-street, offering an online service, or by e-commerce, Paymeter can help you improve the ways to receive payments online and in person.

Paymeter helps you easily pay for parking from your phone.

We bring you out the power to pay from the palm of your hand. You easily could pay and reserve a parking spot whether you're looking for on-street or off-street parking.

The easiest and safest way to buy and book activities in Andorra.

From now Paymeter will allow you to buy tickets and book activities in Andorra. Buy and book from your mobile phone, without waiting, immediately and instantly.

The future of your business, now from your phone.

Easy, secure, and fast! Get Paymeter App.

Join the leader of payment applications in Andorra

We help users and businesses to grow by providing a platform to spend, send and get your money safely.We focus on fraud protection, 24/7 monitoring, and bringing users and businesses a secure platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PAYMETER and how does it work?

PAYMETER allows you to pay for parking, at your favorite shops and receive payments from your friends with your phone device. It's free, fast, safe, and easy to use. PAYMETER is a digital wallet, you can send and receive balance without complications, the balance you receive goes to your PAYMETER wallet and from there you can send it to your friends, pay for the parking or buy in your favorite stores.

What can I use PAYMETER for?

You can use PAYMETER to pay for parking in your city, to send money to your friends, to buy in your favorite stores and to shop safely online. PAYMETER also allows you to buy activities from the market place you'll find in the app, with PAYMETER now do plans wiht your friends becomes easier and easier. PAYMETER allow you to share expenses with your friends, pay your friends gifts or to split the bill for dinner, now will be easier, safer and faster.

When I send a balance with PAYMETER, is it instantaneous?

Instant and immediate! In addition, they are safe and easy to make. It can't be easier! Whether you want to pay in a store, pay your parking, shop at your favorite stores, whatever you do, money comes instantly to whoever you want. If you want to send a balance to someone who is not registered in PAYMETER, they will receive it once their registration process in PAYMETER is finished.

PAYMETER is free?

Yes! PAYMETER use is free, you will not pay any commission or expense when you send money, receive balance or pay at your favourite shops.Do you have a business and would like to collect with PAYMETER? Contact us and we will explain how to do it.

Where can you use Paymeter?